To promote Best Practice regarding Quality, Health, Safety and Environment while delivering Best in Class and Environmentally Friendly Electrical Manufactured Vehicles (Products) and services in line with the Industrial Standard.


To be the leading Electrical Vehicles Manufacturer in East and Central Africa. We have a Continuous Commitment to Zero Incidents, Injuries, Illness, or environmental impact while being the best Service Quality provider to our customers.

We believe in local solutions

Solving our local problems

Our Core Values

  • We consider quality, health, safety, and environment as essential to all other business objectives and demonstrate Commitment by visible leadership and inspiring a culture of accountability and responsibility.
  • We build operational distinction into our quality processes, healthy living, safe working practices and Impact on the environment through elimination of accidents and reduction of our carbon footprint by consistently evaluating current and future technology.
  • We commit to our employees through consulting, listening, and empowering our work force to take responsibility through their actions and drive Engagement with quality, health, safety and environmental interests in their daily lives and activities.
  • We promote company-wide Conformance with applicable local regulatory requirements as well as appropriate industry standards to fully satisfy customer expectations.

A car designed for small cargo

- Motor W 1,000
- Control box W 1,500
- Battery 1 V 12 Ah 52 x 5 = V 60 Ah 52
- 60KM when fully charged
- 45km/h speed
- 500kg load

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